I would not be the photographer and business woman I am today without the support and inspiration of so many others.

First of all there’s my father, Tomas Ruben Fuentes, who all my childhood would head off to work early and be home at dinner. He seemed to be always joking and whistling and through his example he taught me the importance of loving your work and cheerfully facing each resposibility and task.

My editors, Ximena Ceardi of El Mercurio in Valpariaso, Esther Jones of The Barcelona Metropolitan, and Jose Del Castillo of El Mensajero in San Francisco each supported and inspired me in my dreams. Then photographers Paul Bousquet and John O’Hara educated me on the details of running my own photography business.

Now I collaborate and often work creatively with my husband Tyler Chartier who’s photography beautifully reflects his high standards for excellence. We are so fortunate to be able to support each other in the development and growth of each other’s photography businesses. We are also very lucky to have a large community of visual creatives who’s amazing work continues to inspire us;

Bethany Weiss Floraday
Erin Wrightsman
Jennifer Thomas Morse
Ken Viale
Kristen Wood
Laura Schneider
Leslie Curchack
Marla Pedersen
Michael Woolsey
Paige Green
Victoria Webb
Vince Beeton

Throughout my career I’ve had the good fortune to work with the following organizations and businesses.

Argus Courier
Barcelona Metropolitan
Canta Conmigo
El Mensajero of San Francisco (purchased by La Opinión in 2014)
El Mercurio of Valparaíso
Historic District Life of Petaluma
MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust)
Medicine Horse Ranch
North Bay Children’s Company
Petaluma Mother’s Club
4minus1 Jazz Trio

I’ve donated my time and photography to the following amazing causes:

100 People Who Care
Help Send Crews to Saint Martin organized by Jacob Bonds
Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley
Valley Fire Victims