As the mother of two boys I’m lucky to have a front row seat for the amazing event of childhood. Each smile, each giggle, each teardrop all create breathtaking moments as these little people learn about the world. My favorite family photographs are the ones which remind us of the joys of childhood, give us a peek into a sweet connection or just make us laugh.

A successful family photography session includes tons of giggling and fun as I get to know you and your family. I will do whatever it takes to catch these fleeting moments as they unfold around us. Whether I’m crawling in the grass, holding my breath on your living room floor or climbing trees I’ll be engaging with your family as well as my own inner kid. Being a mom I understand that things don’t always go according to plan – I always break for snacks, meltdowns or the ice cream truck – anything goes. And often those unscripted moments give us the perfect family photos that will grace the walls, books and hearts of your home.

When those spontaneous moments arrive I can rely on over 15 years of experience to be sure I catch the photo. My career has taken me overseas and around the U.S. where I’ve worked for various print publications and event coordinators capturing portrait, travel, lifestyle and sport imagery.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Photo by Tyler Chartier

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